Lazy Veggies, Part I: Nuked tomatoes and zucchini

A word of warning: This is the first of a series of messages which will thoroughly and entirely bereave you of any and all excuses to skimp on your daily rations of vegetables. These tasty recipes are so easy you can literally set them up while cooking spaghetti with canned tomato sauce and not lose any time. (And before you ask: no, canned tomato sauce does not count as a serving of vegetables…)

Microwaving is not only a convenient and quick way of preparing vegetables, but also a particularly healthy one, since the cooking time is minimal and there is no loss of nutrients from drained-off cooking water (see Wikipedia).

Source public domain Difficulty trivial does not even begin to describe it Time 2–5 min for preparation; 3–7 min for microwaving Serves 1–2 as a side dish

Freshly nuked tomatoes with a very conservative amount of cheese. ;o)

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Baked cauliflower

This delightfully simple yet addictive recipe is stolen wholesale from Caroline Peterson’s cooking blog, Just Clean Food. It makes an ideal healthy side dish — just set it up and prepare the main course while it’s baking!

Source  Just Clean Food blog Difficulty your goldfish could do it Time 10 min preparation, 30 min baking Serves 2

Baked cauliflower, here with the breadcrumbs options and a few tomatoes and potato slices to fill out the dish. I think I’ll leave it to brown a bit longer next time, though.

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