This blog is intended to motivate fellow nerds — scientists, geeks, introverts of all stripes — to take up their +1 spatula of cookery and venture fearlessly into the mystic realm of the kitchen.

Given their passionate pursuit of professions and interests, nerds typically find little time for ancillary activities such as cooking. As a result, they may live on ramen and frozen pizza for years on end, much to the detriment of their health. Furthermore, while nerds are usually highly intelligent, they may find themselves challenged by the more practical aspects of life and may lack the corpus of basic knowledge that many cookbooks take for granted.

Some people don’t even know how long a three-minute egg needs to cook, or so the joke goes. For a nerd, the question is anything but trivial. Do you put the egg in right from the start, or only once the water is boiling? Do you need to salt the water? Should you weigh down the egg to ensure it stays submerged? The parameter space is endless! And when nerds ask such questions, they are more likely to be ridiculed than helped, which may put them off cooking entirely.

The recipes presented here are meant to demonstrate that healthy cooking need not be complicated and can be fit even into a busy schedule. They will not make any assumptions on things «any cook should know», and they are hard to screw up. They will avoid unnecessarily preprocessed convenience food, but neither will they require you to prepare your own demi-glace a day in advance, or bake your own bread. And the few recipes that take a bit longer… are totally worth it.


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